Paramount Ductless Enclosures offer modular lab convenience

In the recent past, laboratory space was set aside for specific purposes. Whether it be for a specific research professor, a specific course at a school or university, a specific process at an R&D facility, or even separate labs doing similar things but under different departments.

Today, modular lab designs and systems are becoming more popular and the wave of the future. While the landscape is changing and effective use of space is a growing concern, safety cannot be a casualty of efficiency.

The Paramount Ductless Enclosure addresses these needs and concerns while adding the benefit of flexibility. These self-contained work stations, unlike traditional fume hoods, do not require ducting to the outside.

This feature has several benefits: flexibility of being placed in hard-to-vent areas, no installation costs, mobility, no make up air requirements, and energy/money savings by returning clean, tempered air back into the lab.

Since the Paramount does not need to be ducted to the outside (a sure way to remove chemicals from the laboratory), increased containment measures and sensors have been designed into it while utilizing cutting edge filter technology to keep the lab and its users safe. The enclosure's high performance containment consists of a patented Zone-Perforated Rear Baffle and Clean-Sweep Air Foil, side-entry air foils, upper dilution air supply and an upper containment sash foil.

The Safety-First Organic Sensor provides assurance that the filters are providing containment and adsorption of chemical vapors. Placement of the sensor and early warning detection allows the user to get precise information about the air leaving the Enclosure and time to replace the filters before hazardous breakthrough occurs.

Seven different filter types suit the wide range of needs a lab (or labs) may have. Since the filters are stacked, two different filter types can be utilized simultaneously for multiple applications. When other procedures are utilized and more filter types needed, changing the front loaded filters can take as little as a couple of minutes and is a simple user-performed task.

The FilterMate Portable Exhauster uses a HEPA filter, carbon-based filter or a combination of both filters to remove hazardous powders, particulates or vapors from the exhaust air stream, returning filtered air to the environment. Ducting to the outside is not required.

Incorporating all of these elements with other safety and ergonomic features, the Paramount Ductless Enclosure leaves nothing to chance. It allows you the flexibility needed for modern lab spaces while assuring the safety expected of a chemical enclosure. After all, in a laboratory, safety is paramount.

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