Join us at Pittcon 2013

Pittcon 2012

We can’t wait to see you in Philadelphia at Pittcon® in our booth 3425. Quite a few wonderful new products (at least four) are being released, but if I told you about them, engineering would get really upset with me for spilling the beans…  Come sneak into our booth to be among the first to see them. In addition to our exhibit, Labconco has some special events happening this year. 

Three informative posters are being presented:

Comparing and Contrasting Containment Results of Two Methodologies for Nanoparticulate Safety Enclosures   
By Odette Nolan, Product Manager
(Wednesday March 20th)

Energy Savings from Glassware Washer Use
By Odette Nolan, Product Manager
(Monday March 18th)

Testing the efficiencies, concentration factors and run times of 100 mL samples of various bacteria and fungus samples using the Labconco RevElution™ Bio-Concentrator
By Jenny Sprung, Product Manager
(Tuesday, March 19th)

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