Hidden benefits of design: Slanted lid of RapidVap Vertex Dry Evaporator

Placing a nitrogen evaporator in the fume hood is a safe way to prevent vapors from escaping into the lab, but what happens when it’s time to check the samples for dryness? Ordinary nitrogen evaporators use a flat lid that prevents you from seeing your samples without opening the hood sash and sticking your head in, which defeats the fume hood’s safety and effectiveness. But there is a safe solution, and an easier one on the user.

Leaning into a fume hood puts your lungs in the middle of the ventilation system, placing yourself in danger and disrupting the airflow that protects everyone else in the lab as well. The slanted lid and block on Labconco’s RapidVap® Vertex™ Dry Evaporator allow you to see the samples during a run without opening the fume hood.  Vapors stay contained inside the hood, and your samples are safe from over-drying—the perfect solution for every evaporation protocol.

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