How to choose a vacuum pump for sample prep evaporation

The majority of sample prep evaporation applications can be accommodated with just three types of vacuum pumps. Because vacuum pumps are a significant investment and can be damaged if not used under the correct conditions, it is important that you choose the appropriate vacuum pump for your application.

Diagphragm type vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump and combination/hybrid vacuum pump comparison chart

Until the invention of the Hybrid Vacuum Pump in recent years, the selection of a laboratory vacuum pump was limited to only two choices (Rotary Vane Pumps or Diaphragm Pumps). This new kind of pump offers the benefits of both traditional styles in one; it offers the ability to achieve deep vacuums and is compatible with corrosives.

Choosing the wrong vacuum pump for your process or equipment could be an expensive mistake, but the chart above will help guide you to the correct one. If you have further questions, please contact our laboratory evaporation expert for assistance.

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