Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes and the accessory dilemma

Okay, you’ve done it. You just decided on the Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box you’ll need for a new project. But what about all those "additional accessories" you might require?

The Oxygen and Moisture Removal System… is it necessary? Can you get by without it?

The simple answer is, “Probably not.” You’ll have to have an Oxygen and Moisture Removal System if you want the internal gas atmosphere to have a concentration of less than 1% oxygen (10,000 PPM).

It’s the same for Moisture Concentration; anything less than 1% Moisture, which approximately equals 200 PPM, will require an Oxygen and Moisture Removal System.

However… do you have access to building or house inert gas? Is it available for use on constant demand, 24/7? If you do, then the AtmosPure might not be required.

This is just one of the perplexing questions involved in Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box applications. It’s easily solved with a phone call to me! I’ll happily help you review the gas chemistry and physical limitations of Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box operations. Some applications are easy, while others can be quite difficult. There is no one Glove Box that is right for every application. Labconco will help you fill in the blanks of the big questions involving the selection of the most appropriate and most economical glove box system.


Contact Bob Applequist for assistance on Glove Box related issues.


Be prepared to answer questions like these:

  • What chemicals or substances will you be using inside the glove box?
  • What are the contaminants you are most concerned about removing from the inert atmosphere?
  • How low do you need the contaminant level to be? (In parts per million or Percent %)
  • How long do you want the contaminant level to remain low? Hours? Days? Weeks? Months?
  • How much operator time are you willing to dedicate to the operation of the glove box?
  • Where will my inert, noble gas come from? (K-Cylinders or House Gas Supply?)
  • Do you have special requirements for services inside the glove box? (Gas, electrical, etc.)
  • Who’s going to operate the glove box? What training do they need?

Without addressing these questions, you can easily over- or under-estimate the cost of a Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box by thousands of dollars, and possible months of headaches.

Labconco can help. Give Bob a call.

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