Bob Applequist

Senior Application Specialist

Bob Applequist

Product Categories

Laboratory Animal Research Stations
Glove Boxes and Gas Purifiers
Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes
Filtered Glove Boxes
Combination Glove Boxes
AtmosPure Re-Gen Gas Purifiers
Kjeldahl, Fat & Crude Fiber Apparatus
Classical Macro Kjeldahl Apparatus
Micro Kjeldahl Apparatus
Rapid Kjeldahl Apparatus
Water Purification Systems
Vacuum Desiccator Accessories


Labconco is lucky to have Bob Applequist—not just for his expertise and his easy manner with clients—we’re lucky to have Bob because he once went scuba diving among sea lions, and as Bob puts it, “I could not swim as fast as they did when the sharks appeared.” Fortunately though, Bob survived the shark invasion and turned his biology interests into a career. Bob’s interest in science led him to work in Kansas City area industrial chemical laboratories, and eventually brought him to us as an experienced user of our Labconco Kjeldahl systems. Not just any company could have kept him hooked, though. Bob says, “If I wasn’t working here, I would probably be a beach bum somewhere.”

Bob still might have put his brainpower to other purposes if Labconco weren’t fortunate enough to draft him onto our team. He dreamt, in his youth, of living “way out in no-mans-land” as a field biologist, studying animals of all kinds without the intrusion of mankind. Luckily, Bob learned that he enjoys the company of people “almost as much as animals.” And if you engage our garrulous product manager in conversation, you will learn soon enough that he will keep you rapt in conversation as well as teach you everything that you need to learn about laboratory equipment.



University of Kansas, Bachelor of Science, Environmental Studies & Aquatic Biology