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WaterPro RO Systems

WaterPro RO Stations feature large capacity filters and membrane to deliver high-quality reverse osmosis (RO) purified water. RO water is ideal for laboratory applications such as reagent preparation and glassware rinsing. They may be connected to glassware washers such as Labconco's SteamScrubber, FlaskScrubber and FlaskScrubber Vantage Series Washers to provide a purified water rinse. WaterPro RO Stations may also be used to produce laboratory grade feedwater for ultimate water purification by a polishing system such as the WaterPro PS Polishing Station.

Water may be dispensed manually from a valve or optional dispensing gun. Water from the valve may also be activated automatically by using the exclusive timed dispense feature that allows for unattended operation. 

These point-of-use pure water systems feature large capacity filters and membrane to deliver high-quality reverse osmosis (RO) purified water.

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WaterPro RO System

Catalog # 9075060

  • Water Purity Desired: Type III
  • Purification Method: Carbon Filtration, Reverse Osmosis
  • Flow Rate: 1.1 liters per minute
  • Region: International
  • Feedwater Sources: tap water
  • Power Cord & Plug: British (UK)

Get to know the WaterPro RO

Learn the basics of the WaterPro RO system's reverse osmosis water purification technology, how to operate the unit, and how to conduct routine maintenance.

Literature & Resources

  • Brochures

    • WaterPro Water Purification Systems Catalog

      Provides features and benefits, specifications, ordering information and dimensional data on WaterPro RO Systems and WaterPro PS Polishing Systems.

      View Files

    • Laboratory Guide to Water Purification

      View Files

    • WaterPro Performance Chart

      Provides the estimated volume of Type I water one can expect depending on quality of the feedwater supplied to the WaterPro PS Polishing System. The chart also provides the quality of the feedwater after treatment by the WaterPro RO Station.

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  • User's Manuals

    • WaterPro RO Systems Manual

      For models 9075020, 9075030, 9075040, 9075060, 9075070 and 9075080

      View Files

    • WaterPro RO Dispensing Gun Installation Instructions

      Field installation procedures for dispensing gun for WaterPro RO Water Purification Systems.

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  • Safety Data Sheets

    • Ion Exchange Resin SDS

      Safety Data Sheet for AMBERJET™ UP6150 Resin used for ion exchange and/or adsorption process in WaterPro Water Purification Systems.

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  • Installation Qualification / Operation Qualification

    • Installation Qualification/Operation Qualifications Protocol for WaterPro RO Stations

      For validation of predetermined WaterPro RO Stations specifications. Provides a checklist of installation and operation qualifications to complete when beginning operation on new or used WaterPro RO Stations.

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  • Declarations of Conformity

    • CE Declaration of Conformity - WaterPro RO Station

      Declaration of Conformity for applicable models of the WaterPro RO Station

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    • ETL Authorization Mark for WaterPro Laboratory Water Filtration Systems

      This document from Intertek authorizes the use of the ETL mark on WaterPro RO Stations and WaterPro PS Polishing Stations.

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