Positive Pressure Conversion Kit

Positive Pressure Conversion Kit
  • Positive Pressure Conversion Kit
Catalog #: 5441200
Price: $710.00


  • Applicable Products: Protector Combination Glove Boxes, Protector Filtered Glove Boxes


  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 60.0 lbs
  • Estimated Shipping Weight metric: 27.0 kg

This kit changes the built-in blower operation from standard negative pressure to positive pressure operation. The blower pushes instead of pulls HEPA/ULPA filtered air through the main chamber.

Typical applications for positive pressure operation include handling materials that are highly sensitive to airborne particulate contaminants. The Positive Pressure Conversion Kit creates particulate cleanliness inside the box, measured to ISO 14644-1 test method, achieving ISO Class 3 conditions (1 particle 0.5µm or larger per cubic foot of air per minute).

Kit includes hose, two clamps and harness assembly.

Not recommended for use with applications involving hazardous substances.

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