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One of our high-profile pharma research clients recently expanded and had a need for custom fume hoods with the goal of rapidly delivering new medicines for people with cancer. Labconco consulted with this client to provide 50 custom 10’ bench top fume hoods to support their role in identifying and testing new molecules for Chemo treatment effects.


The lab design was centered around multiple 10’ fume hoods where a research team could work on a specific project or target drug without cross contamination. This provided our client with the lab they needed to rapidly expand and funnel new molecules and treatments. 


Our client is responsible for discovery research, clinical development and regulatory affairs for oncology with a commitment to provide impactful new medicines for cancer patients. Labconco worked with the client to develop two complete labs full of uniquely customized fume hoods with dual rising combination sashes.


Labconco’s Protector XL Fume Hoods provide superior design flexibility to comply with competing design parameters to maximize efficiency without compromising personnel safety.

Installation: August 2021