KBI Building

Kansas Bureau of Investigations

Wichita, KS |
  • Forensic Laboratories
  • Educational Institution
  • KBI Floor Mounted Fume Hood and Print Fixing Fuming Cabinet
  • KBI Biosafety Cabinets
  • KBI Evidence Drying Cabinets
  • KBI Pass-Through Fume Hood
  • KBI Work Space with XL and Pass-Through Hoods
  • KBI Fume Hoods Back to Back
  • KBI Hoods in Micro Lab
  • KBI Side by Side XL Fume Hoods

Kansas Bureau of Investigations (KBI) located on the campus of Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, serves as a comprehensive forensic crime lab and teaching space.


KBI’s innovative facility required functionality and flexibility for a wide variety of forensic applications in both their lab and instructional spaces. To optimize evidence and personnel protection throughout the building, Labconco consulted on the project with equipment recommendations that maximized safety and efficiency in the new building.


The important work being done by the forensic scientists at KBI and faculty in the instructional spaces required a mix of both ventilation and benchtop equipment. Maximized efficiency of the building’s mechanical ventilation system with the right mix of ventilation and benchtop equipment to meet their application needs was crucial to success.


Labconco's consultation process narrowed down their equipment options to only the best for their needs. From evidence processing, toxicology, chemical, DNA and fingerprint analysis, Labconco provided specialty equipment to optimize each workflow.

Installation: Nov, 2015