Poetry contest winners!

The results are in! The readers have spoken and decided who was the best at putting their laboratory love into poetic form. Drumroll, please...

The winning Laboratory Love Poem was written by Wendy Desormeaux of New Orleans, LA!

Here is what she wrote: I love my protein purification machine! Running peanuts, walnuts, cashews and such, I come out with beautiful, mysterious allergens. My love for the science is just plain nuts!!! Congratulations Wendy, you'll be receiving a Made With Molecules Dopamine Necklace for your winning poem!

And the winning Laboratory Love Haiku was written by Dustin Mymko of Winnipeg, MB, Canada!

Here's his submission: beakers flasks labcoats chemistry is in the air I think I'm in love. Congratulations Dustin, you'll also be receiving a Made With Molecules Dopamine Necklace for your winning poem!

While the votes decided that these two were the cream of the crop, we had plenty of other submissions that were incredibly creative and funny.

Here are a few of the 'runners up':

From Karen McCarty in LeSeur, MN: Oh citrate blue, deep lapis lazuli, Your reaction clear as summer’s sky. I stab your butt and streak your slant And hope you don’t show me E.coli.

From Katie Mundy in Greenwood, SC: Ether dissolves fat. CLEAR…drip…YELLOW…drip…GOLDEN. Evaporate. Weigh.

From Jennifer Turpin in Athens, GA: Life is like a box of random hexamers, You never know what you're going to get. I pop them into my thermocycler, wait for the magical hum, smile and sit.

From Sherry Bohn in Frederick, MD: The rush of air - WHOOSH! HEPA protected we are, Science advances!

Thank you to everybody who entered, we had a blast reading all of your creations. Some of you may be able to pull off a second career as scientific poets! Don't forget to stay tuned to our website, Facebook and Twitter pages to get updates on future contests and promotions.

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