CA fuming problems solved: New CApture BT offers greater control & feedback

CApture BT CA Fuming Chamber with ModelWhen Labconco set out to develop a new benchtop CA fuming system, we worked closely with forensic scientists to ensure that we addressed and eliminated several frustrations they face during the fuming process.

Cyanoacrylate (CA) or “Super Glue”* fuming is a common technique for developing latent fingerprints on non-porous and semi-porous evidence. Because CA fuming not only develops, but also protects fingerprints by fixing them in place, many forensic scientists rely on it to process evidence. The quality of print development depends on the ability to control the consistency of the fuming process.

Since there are no second chances to fix prints properly, we believe it is important for CA fuming enclosures to allow precise control and flexibility over fuming parameters, as well as real time, quantifiable feedback of performance within those parameters.

The NEW CApture™ BT Fuming Chamber cyanoacrylate fuming system provides programming flexibility, quantifiable condition readings, and user-friendly features that yield high quality, consistent results.

Common CA fuming problems solved by the CApture BT

SOLVED: Limitations on control & monitoring

  • CApture BT Control PanelProblem: Current systems don’t allow for adjustments to program cycles. Forensic scientists often need to adjust fuming time in the middle of a cycle. As they are fuming prints, they may see that prints are not developing as quickly as they thought they would. At the same time, fuming temperature may need to be different for different materials or conditions.
  • Solution: The N-tegrity™ Operating System gives the user complete flexibility in programming relative humidity level (up to 80%), humidity incubation time, fuming temperature (up to 425 degrees F), fuming time and purge time for 20 storable protocols. Additional fuming time in 30-second increments can be added in the middle of a cycle with a push of a button eliminating the need to repeat a completely new fuming cycle for underdeveloped prints.
  • Problem: Prints are sometimes overexposed to CA fumes. Evidence runs the risk of being overexposed unless the user is present to monitor and stop the process. In conventional fuming chambers, even though the fuming cycle has ended, the fuming process continues as the warming device cools and until the technician removes the glue tin.
  • Solution: The Acti-Vent™ Smart Controls purges the air to protect the evidence from over exposure. Purging continues up to 30 minutes after the exhaust cycle ends. Additionally, purging may be programmed to continue during evidence unloading to protect users from fume exposure.

SOLVED: Physical limitations of fuming devices

  • Long guns in CApture BTProblem: Large evidence doesn’t fit in conventional chambers.
  • Solution: The interior dimensions are 27” w x 27” d x 44.5” high providing 18.8 cubic feet of completely usable fuming capacity and a generous diagonal length of 58.6”, accommodating long guns and similar evidence. Up to 15 long guns may be processed at once.
  • Problem: Difficult to clean interior. Conventional chambers are made of glass, plastic or painted steel  which can be hard to clean. Users spend more time cleaning with their heads in the chamber, which exposes them longer to noxious vapors and solvent based cleaners.
  • Solution: The durable stainless steel liner may be easily and quickly cleaned with stainless steel cleaner. In addition, the Acti-Vent™ Smart Controls Cleaning Mode enables air to be exhausted with the door open to protect the user from exposure to noxious vapors.

SOLVED: Troubleshooting guess work

  • CApture BT shelf with itemsProblem: When prints do not develop well, troubleshooting can be difficult.
  • Solution: The N-tegrity™ Operating System’s diagnostic feature allows the user, with the push of a button, to review a checklist of mechanical functions to verify that the CApture BT is operating properly.

By addressing the shortcomings of current systems and giving the user programming flexibility, quantifiable readings, and ease of use, the CApture BT Fuming Chamber assures its place as the new design standard for CA fuming systems of the future.

To find out more about the CApture BT please contact Labconco’s Forensics Product Manager.

* Super Glue® is a registered trademark of Super Glue Corporation

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