Labconco sponsors GKC Science & Engineering Fair

GKCSEF Hall 2016

GKCSEF Tower 2016

Labconco was a sponsor of the 65th Anniversary Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair (GKCSEF) presented by Science City at Union Station. Sponsoring this science and engineering fair allows us to pursue our mission to promote scientific discovery starting right here at home in Kansas City, where Labconco has had its roots since 1925.

95 Schools were represented this year, and the fair comprised 847 projects from 1148 student participants from across our metro. For this event, students worked with the scientific method and its cousin, the engineering method. Labconco is a company that engineers equipment for scientific laboratories, so GKCSEF couldn’t possibly align more perfectly with our mission.

The titles of some of the projects that were presented will give you a good indication of just how creative these young scientists and engineers can be. Here are just a few of them:

  • “Life of Slime Over Time” by Jaeden Maere
  • “Wind Turbine Thought Enhancer” by Vedarsh Shah
  • “Effect of Building Materials on Wi-Fi Signal Strength” by James Riggs
  • “The Self-Deodorizing Shoe Rack” by Coulton Chan
  • “The Bleacher Buddy” by Mary Harrison
  • “Recycle-A-Chair” by Spencer Shreve
  • “The Snot Glove” by Lilianne Winston
  • “Cupcake Extractor” by Greta Berg
  • “Reversible Shoes” by Grant Schugart and Thomas Kirby
  • “The Catapong Launch” by Evan Parra
  • “3D Printed Prosthetic Arm” by Abigail Friesen
  • “Simulated Data Generation and Analysis to Optimize the Search Strategy for the Vector-like Quark: Tprime” by Triton Wolfe and Christopher Fenton

Have you ever baked delicious cupcakes only to ruin them while attempting to pull them from the baking dish? Maybe a cupcake extractor could have saved the day! What about “The Snot Glove”? That one simply has to be more useful and less disgusting than it sounds. And who hasn’t needed to improve their search strategy for a vector-like quark at some point? The final title on that short list sounds like quite an ambitious project.

GKCSEF 2016 Winners

GKCSEF guide cover 2016

Prizes went to the winners in this photo. Left to right, they are:

  • “The effect of Crataegus songarica extract on proliferation and apoptosis in HCT116 and SW480 Colon Cancer Cells” by Renny Ma
  • “The Success of Scaffold Material on Bovine Chondrocyte Re-differentiation” by Alexis Vance
  • “The construction of chaperonin dimers using biotinylated GroEL and Streptardin Scaffolds” by Benjamin Deatherage

Find out more about the GKCSEF in the event program. It’s a wonderful way to integrate engineering and science in a familiar, science fair-like environment.

UPDATE: The Kansas City Star reported on the winners, already performing cancer research in a lab outfitted with multiple Labconco Biological Safety Cabinets.

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