Labconco Helps Mercy Ships Launch New Hospital Ship

New Hospital Ship Global Mercy Nearly Completed

Mercy Ships’ newest vessel will be the world’s largest purpose-built civilian hospital ship. Labconco donated glassware washers for the project, to help sanitize implements that the ship’s medical staff will use to respond to medical needs around the world. The new ship will more than double their surgical and training capacity, and its doctors are expected to improve the lives of more than 150,000 people over the next fifty years. 

On the new ship's two full hospital decks, surgeons will carry out a wide range of procedures, including maxillofacial and plastic-reconstructive surgery to address tumor removal and debilitating burn contractures. They will also repair cleft lips and palates, perform orthopedic surgeries, remove cataracts, and repair obstetric fistula. Thanks to the support of volunteers and donors, Mercy Ships continues to restore precious lives. 


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