Labconco Equipment Used to Speed Up Drug Discovery

Labconco XPert Enclosure in Catalent Clean Room - Photo Courtesy Catalent Pharma Solutions

Photo Courtesy Catalent Pharma Solutions

At Labconco, we aren’t just building equipment—we’re building a better world. 

When we hear about our equipment making a difference, that news is worth sharing. For example, a pharmaceutical research company called Catalent uses Labconco equipment in their clean room. Catalent's work is improving people's lives by helping pharmaceutical, biotech, and consumer health innovators develop, deliver, and supply superior products. 

Their mission is vital because research is a crux of the early drug development process, yet many small to midsize companies looking to spread innovative ideas lack funding and resources to complete such tasks in-house. Catalent’s reach is widespread. Drug absorption improvement. Clinical supply management. Integrated supply chain solutions. Animal health. Drug Stability testing. All this and more. 

The research might be complicated, but the results speak for themselves: If you’ve taken an FDA-approved pharmaceutical product in the US since 2004, there’s a 50 percent chance Catalent worked on it. The company reports over 1300 patents and applications. They helped deliver more than 40 billion softgel drug capsules globally in 2013 alone. Their work gave people around the globe access to medicines they need

Catalent is only one pharmaceutical research company of many, but their contribution to science isn’t ordinary. Neither is Labconco’s. We’re glad our equipment is making a difference. 

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