Horizontal Clean Benches: Reaching New Depths

All puns intended, Labconco introduces the addition of a 26” deep work surface to the stainless steel model of the Purifier® Horizontal Clean Bench. Not only does this provide an increased work area, it also allows for larger equipment to be placed inside.

Currently available in 6’ and 8’ widths, a new 4’ width will be available this summer. It is the ISO Class 5 work station of choice to protect materials that do not generate harmful aerosols or vapors, yet require a particulate-free environment.

During operation, room air is drawn through a prefilter on the top of the unit to trap large particulates. Then, air flows through a 99.99% efficient HEPA filter and is projected horizontally across the entire work area. This HEPA-filtered air minimizes cross contamination in the work area and provides a particulate-free work environment.

Unique to the Purifier Horizontal Clean Bench is its double HEPA filter seal. The primary gasket seals the upstream side of the filter to prevent unfiltered air from leaking into the work area. The secondary gasket at the front of the HEPA filter seals the downstream side of the filter frame. The area between these two gaskets is maintained under negative pressure. Should a leak occur at the primary HEPA filter gasket, the contaminated air is immediately recaptured and registered.

The Purifier Horizontal Clean Bench line also includes a 21” standard working depth. Choice of materials of construction includes melamine-laminated hard board (sides and work surface), stainless steel overlay (sides and work surface) or stainless steel work surface with glass sides (currently available only in 6’ and 8’ widths).

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