Lab Planning

Lab Planning

Architects, engineers, lab planners and contractors rely on Labconco for its depth of experience with complex projects. Our portfolio includes a vast array of projects from around the world. From universities to hospitals, zero net energy labs to biotech facilities that require stringent specs, we’ve tackled it. Our craftsmen and manufacturing facilities are strategically based in the center of the U.S. with distribution points around the globe. You can count on our in-house team of engineers and product experts to help you every step of the way, and get what you need, when you need it.

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Success in science boils down to having the right tool for your application challenge. With Labconco, you can be confident you will get exactly what you need, how and when you need it. We will be with you every step of the way.


Our equipment and technology are taking labs to the next level. We have everything you need to work with maximum efficiency.

Meet Our Team

Our team of engineers and project managers stand ready to help you with your next project.

We strive to ensure you get the right product, for the right environment, with the necessary protection for the people, products and environment it’s placed in. You’ll get a dedicated team of experts in fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, ventilation enclosures, water purification systems and glassware washers.

  • Ensuring proper product application
  • Specification writing
  • Submittal packages
  • CAD drawings and REVIT files
  • Referrals to casework partners, installers and certifiers
  • Overall total cost of ownership and energy savings assessments

Luke Savage

LEED Green Associate, Director of Ventilation Technology

Brad Kramer

Western Project Development Manager

Jared Stewart

Eastern Project Development Manager

Jennifer Wagner

Sales Engineering Manager

Christi Alumbaugh

Submittal/BIM Coordinator

Lesley Foster

PMP Sales Engineer

Hailey Nazworthy

Project Manager

Dalton Mispagel

Project Manager

Emily Worth

Project Coordinator


Labconco Fume Hood Demonstation

Labconco Protector Fume Hoods include the XStream, the most energy-efficient ducted fume hood design, as well as other high performance ducted fume hoods in our Premier and XL lines. This video demonstrates the airflow and safety features of all our Protector Fume Hood models.

Quick and Easy Echo and Airo Fume Hood Installation

Labconco Protector Echo and Airo Filtered Fume Hoods are simple to install because they require no ductwork. One of the fastest ways to expand your lab or create flex space for chemical work.

Labconco FlaskScrubber and SteamScrubber Lab Glassware Washers

Labconco FlaskScrubber and SteamScrubber glassware washers are more versatile than ever, and feature the powerful CleanWorks Operating System. Unique features make them powerful enough to clean up after your most challenging lab applications, with rich data capabilities for even the most rigorous analytical labs.


ASHRAE Laboratory Design Guide 2nd Edition

This second edition of ASHRAE Laboratory Design Guide is a comprehensive reference manual for the planning, design, and operation of laboratories. It gives engineers, owners, and system operators the design and control strategies they need to reduce the laboratory's energy footprint while ensuring safety, providing good comfort and indoor air quality, and protecting the integrity of laboratory experiments.

Fume Hood Resources: We’ve got you covered!

This article aims to serve as a starting point for that discussion and to provide links to other articles with more detail on specific topics relating to fume hoods and their functionality.

Lab Design - Where to begin

In this article we'll explore lab design ideas that are tried and true, those that are trending, and what factors that must always be part of any laboratory design undertaking.

Class II, Type C1 Biosafety Cabinet: Versatility, Safety & Savings Comparison

This article discusses the disadvantages of current Class II, Type A and B biological safety cabinets and how the Type C1 BSC compares to them.

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Equipment and technology are taking labs to the next level. We have everything you need to work with maximum efficiency. Not sure what features to select? Reach out to one of our technical experts and we will talk you through it.

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