Filtered Glove Boxes

Labconco Filtered Glove Boxes feature HEPA or ULPA filtration and provide a leak-tight physical barrier to protect the operator from hazardous airborne particulates and powders. These boxes have uses in pharmaceutical research, nanotechnology and biochemistry. They are often referred to in the field as "Potent Compound Barrier Isolators" or "Hazardous Toxic Containment Isolators" in labs that produce pharmaceuticals.

Microorganisms, low-level radiochemicals, chemical carcinogens and asbestos may also be used in these boxes. These Glove Boxes may be used for cleanroom applications requiring ISO Class 3 conditions, and Labconco HEPA Filtered Glove Boxes may be appropriate for use as containment isolators for applications using compounds assigned OEB 4 and OEB 5 Banding Levels. Contact your Health and Safety Officer for specific Engineered Containment Device requirements.

Filtered Glove Boxes

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Protector Filtered Glove Boxes

Video outlining the features and benefits of Labconco's Protector Filtered Glove Boxes. Protector Filtered Glove Boxes provide inlet and outlet HEPA or ULPA filtration and a leak-tight physical barrier to protect the operator from exposure to potentially hazardous materials.  These glove boxes feature particulate containment under 20 nanograms per cubic meter as confirmed by Safebridge Consultants, Incorporated and also meet ISO Class 3 standards.

Literature & Resources

  • Brochures

    • Protector Glove Boxes Catalog

      Provides an overview, features and benefits, specifications, ordering information and dimensional data on Protector Filtered Glove Boxes, Protector Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes, Protector Combination Glove Boxes and AtmosPure Re-Gen Gas Purifiers. Accessories and Base Stands are also described.

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    • Glove Box Automatic Pressure Control Quick Start Guide

      For complete instructions on setting up and using your glove box, please refer to the user guide. This guide is only intended as a quick introduction to the automatic pressure control module.

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  • White Papers

    • Independent testing proves Labconco ULPA filtered glove box contains aerosolized nanomaterials effectively

      Labconco Corporation submitted its Protector® Stainless Steel ULPA Filtered Glove Box to an independent source to evaluate its ability to contain aerosolized nanomaterials...

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  • Technical Manuals

    • Technical Service Manual For Precise HEPA-Filtered Glove Boxes


       For Precise HEPA-Filtered Glove Boxes 5220200, 5220220, 5220221, 5220230, 5220231. 

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