Labconco in the News: Odette Nolan's in depth discussion of the XPert Nano enclosure

The online magazine asked Labconco Product Manager Odette Nolan some of the in depth questions that interest nanotechnology scientists.

To serve one of the most rapidly developing fields in science, the XPert Nano enclosure has been engineered for the future. Odette discusses some of the features and options that make the this laboratory enclosure so useful.


KK - What key features of the XPert Nano Enclosures makes these products efficient and easy to handle for the end user?

ON - Again, the ergonomic angled sash allows for closer and more comfortable viewing.

  • The 99.99% efficient exhaust filter removes particle 0.12 micron in size.
  • The deep interior easily accommodate large apparatus. 
  • The tempered safety glass provides better scratch resistance and is less prone to static than those made in acrylic. 
  • The quiet operation is as low as 48 decibels.
  • Optional airflow monitors alert the user to any face velocities outside of the pre-set ranges.

KK - How are the XPert line of balance and bulk powder enclosures changing the way material is handled in a laboratory environment?

ON - By providing a safe handling area, end users are now able to manipulate toxic and/or potent compounds through a sash opening allowing them freedom of movement. . . .

Read the entire article, "Balance Enclosures for the Manipulation of Nanoparticulates: Interview with Odette Nolan at Labconco Corporation" by Kal Kaur.

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