Weird News - Nerdy Nuptials

After years working in laboratories where solvent vapors permeated the air, we aren't so sure we'd trust our noses to ferret out pheromones. We do, however, know many chemists who've sniffed out LOVE IN THE LAB. And when two people are brought together by chemistry, the science can make a fun wedding theme, as a few fellow scientist's blog recently noted.

Earlier this summer, one of the scientists attended a lab mate's wedding that had a chemical bent: Erlenmeyer flasks filled the flowers decorated the reception hall. And rather than just assign numbers to each of the tables at the celebration the chemically-inclined couple also named each table after a beloved molecule, including oxytocin, dopamine, and alcohol dehydrogenase. The placard at each table featured a structure of the molecule and a blurb about it.
The scientist recalled another chemistry-themed wedding he attended a few years ago in which the newlyweds had element-themed tables and used test tubes as seat markers.
This got us wondering how you, dear readers, might have incorporated chemistry into your big day? Element cuff links? Periodic table bow ties? Something old, something new, something borrowed and methylene blue? Tell us your ideas below in the comment field and we'll give you the results in our next e-newsletter. We're counting on you!¹
1 Article taken from the column, Newscripts, within the publication of Chemical & Engineering News. Issue July 30, 2012
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