WaterPro PS Stations offer the flexibility for producing Special Reagent Water

Special Reagent Water has been described in the past as water for use in HPLC analytical methods, molecular cell biology methods or chromosomal analyses. These methods were at one time the exception to common laboratory analysis but are quite common in many laboratories today.

Labconco's WaterPro® (PS) Polishing Stations, produce ultra pure water which is often referred to as 18 Megohm water, or Type I water. These Stations are fully capable of producing special reagent water when the Ultraviolet and/or Ultra-filter modules are added.

At the heart of all WaterPro PS Stations is a carbon filter and two mixed bed (strong base/strong acid) deionization resin filters. The filters remove the majority of inorganic and organic contamination from the feed water source. Carbon and deionization filters produce the Ultra Pure (Type I) water free of inorganic chemical contaminants down to the parts per billion level.

  • Carbon filters remove organics and chlorine
  • Deionization Filters remove inorganic material

Depending on the customer's application requirements the WaterPro PS/HPLC or PS/UF Polishing Stations can be selected to enable the production of a special reagent water.

  • Organic Adsorption filter removes Total Organic Carbons (TOCs) to levels lower than 5 parts per-billion.
  • Ultrafilter removes particles, microorganisms and pyrogen/endotoxin for life science applications, with a filtration capacity of 0.01 micron and removes pyrogens down to a 10,000 Dalton molecular weight.
  • Ultraviolet Light - dual wavelength UV light reduces TOC and reduces bacterial growth within the Station's closed recirculation loop - for microbiology and tissue culture science applications.

All WaterPro PS Polishing Stations models deliver up to 1.8 liters per minute of Type I water on demand and feature continuous recirculation of the water within the Station. The Polishing Stations come with a hand-held dispensing gun on a 3-foot flexible recirculating line or dispensing valve.

All Polishing Stations feature an exclusive timed dispense function allowing unattended operation when large volumes of water are being delivered to transfer vessels. Labconco's Polishing Stations are flexible-UV and UF modules maybe added to the standard WaterPro PS model as needs change.

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