Video: Protector XStream designed for containment

Containment. A fume hood’s quality is defined by its ability to contain harmful chemical fumes and vapors, and it all begins with engineering.

The design process for the Protector XStream® focused on containment from beginning to end. Our engineers were intent on creating the world’s best containing fume hood, and the results were nothing short of incredible.

In this video, watch as the XStream’s innovative, patented design components manipulate airflow in unprecedented ways.

The Opti-Zone™ Slotted Baffle maintains laminar flow and reduces turbulent rolling that can occur at the top of traditional hoods. This prevents chemical fumes from cascading down the back of the sash near the user’s breathing zone.

The Clean-Sweep™ Sash Handle and Sash Track reject backflow around the perimeter of the sash.

The Upper Dilution Air Supply helps to regulate the volume of air taken into the fume hood as the sash height is adjusted.

The Eco-Foil™ Air Foil (with Clean-Sweep™ openings) sweeps air over the work surface.

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