Validating Labconco equipment using an RS232 port

Validating lab equipment for IQOQPQ can easily be done using an RS232 port and PC. Using Hyperterminal with Windows® '95 and up to Windows XP, validation can be of little cost to the user.

Since Windows Vista and Windows 7 no longer include Hyperterminal, software, such as Labtronics Collect XL can be purchased to allow transfer of data directly into Excel or another program of your choice.

Labconco offers two cables, a 9 pin or a 25 pin, depending on the serial port on your PC. If the PC does not have a serial port an adapter can be used to connect the RS232.

Many Labconco products include a RS232 standard including Protector® Glove Boxes, Purifier® Logic® Biosafety Cabinets, Fume Hood Guardian™ 1000 Air Flow Monitors, FlaskScrubber® Vantage® Glassware Washers and FreeZone® Freeze Dry Systems.

Below are the parameters that the RS232 port will record:

Glove Box

  • Offers a leak-tight connection for data transfer to a customer-supplied printer or computer located outside the Glove Box.

Purifier Logic Biosafety Cabinet

  • UV light function (on/off)
  • Blower function (on/off)
  • FL light function (on/off)
  • Cabinet mode (normal/calibration)
  • Sash position (down, normal)
  • Sash alarm (no alarm/alarm)
  • Airflow sensor communication (no alarm/alarm)
  • Airflow alarm out of range (no alarm/alarm)
  • Blower speed (3 digit %)
  • Blower rpm (4 digits)
  • Average blower rpm (4 digits)
  • Airflow Sensor: Raw airflow 'RA' (in FPM), Scaled Inflow 'I' (in FPM), and Scaled downflow 'D' (FPM)

Fume Hood Guardian 1000 Air Flow Monitor

  • Sash high
  • Low flow alarm
  • High flow alarm
  • Night setback mode

FlaskScrubber Vantage Washer

  • Time since washer was powered on
  • Cycle segment
  • Water temperature in °C
  • Water conductivity sensor temperature
  • Water conductivity in micro siements from 0 - 2000
  • Special functions of the washer and duration
  • Temperature sensor 1 and 2
  • Alarms

FreeZone Freeze Dry System

  • Read-out in 10, 30, 60, 300 or 600 seconds
  • Base unit collector temperature in °C
  • Vacuum level in mbars
  • Shell freezer temperature if equipped
  • Purge function if equipped
  • Vacuum chamber if equipped
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