Unique features of Logic Vue Class II Enclosure make automating life science safe

Logic Vue Class II containment with joiner kit

The Logic Vue Class II Enclosure is designed to keep scientists and their samples safe when working with specialized equipment such as automated liquid handlers and cell sorters. It's a biosafety control designed to house a large variety of equipment. 4' and 6' versions are available that provide a spacious Class II biosafety environment. For large equipment or equipment combinations, Class II enclosures can be joined to expand to almost any size. The Logic Vue combines familiar safety features of biosafety cabinets with a large interior space, plus convenient and intelligent features to support biohazardous work involving larger instruments. 


The Logic Vue provides Class II airflow - delivering protection for users, their precious samples, and the lab environment. Airflow enters the Logic Vue through the top of the enclosure using an energy-efficient ECM supply blower. This air is filtered through both a pre-filter and a 99.99% efficient supply HEPA filter. The result is the creation of laminar particulate-free (ISO 5 or better) downflow air through the Logic Vue’s interior.

The aseptic interior of the Logic Vue remains inherently safe through a negative pressure design and maintains constant user safety by capturing all biohazardous materials generated within the Logic Vue. All exhaust air is passed through a pre-filter and a 99.99% HEPA filter, returning clean biohazard-free air into the room.


To make life easier for researchers who use large laboratory equipment, the Logic Vue provides a spacious interior with over 42" of height and 31" of useable depth. High-visibility windows on all sides of the enclosure provide an open view into the enclosure, and dual full-open sashes provide easy access to instrumentation across the unobstructed sash height. The result? A spacious interior compatible with a wide variety of large laboratory instruments.

Ergonomics are at the heart of the Logic Vue, with integrated knee space and controls that are accessible while seated. A standard Ergotron® mounting point allows your computer system to be connected to the enclosure, providing comfort and easy access to instrument controls. Cords and cables are easily passed through the 16 standard pass-through ports. Plus, unique instruments such as chillers or cell sorters with aerosol management systems (AMSs) can make use of the Logic Vue's larger task-specific pass-throughs. The entire work area is illuminated with over 130 foot candles of LED lighting. 


The Logic Vue also incorporates several intelligent features to keep users informed and safe. Powered by MyLogic OS, the Logic Vue communicates all system statuses, including filter life remaining, alerts and alarms. MyLogic also provides easy setup and configuration, giving you the ability to customize system performance with just a few button presses. 

With a primary focus on safety, airflow moving through the Logic Vue is carefully monitored by Labconco’s Constant Airflow Profile™ technology (CAP™), which maintains user and sample safety by adjusting enclosure airflow as filters load. CAP is designed to provide continual safety from certification to certification. 

Automated systems placed into Class II enclosures often require removal of exterior panels designed to protect users. That's why the Logic Vue includes a safety interlock mechanism that connects MyLogic OS directly to most automation systems, to recognize unsafe conditions that may harm users. The interlock system immediately pauses any activity when a sash on the Logic Vue is adjusted, eliminating the potential of personal harm while processing samples.

If your laboratory's automation is expanding, contact Labconco about how the Logic Vue can help with your new applications. 



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