The Royal Canadian Mint throws us a bone

In April, The Royal Canadian Mint recently unveiled a new quarter that features the image of the dinosaur, the Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai. That alone makes the coin sweet, but it gets better.

Take the coin into the dark and the dinosaur's skeleton glows! No technical details have been shared, but the mint did say that the glowing beast will not rub off over time. Though the coin is only worth 25 cents, be prepared to pay about $30 American to have one of your very own. The mint is producing only 25,000 coins—surely to be a collector's favorite. This coin is the first in a series of four, emblazoned with glowing prehistoric creatures, to entertain coin enthusiasts both young and old. For the traditionalists, the other side of the coin features, her majesty, Queen Elizabeth. Sadly, her picture does not glow.  

Photo: Heads or bones? Invisible during the day, the Pachyrhinosaurus' skeleton glows in the dark.

(Credit: Royal Canadian Mint)


Story referenced from CNE>News>Crave, "Canada's newest coin glow in dark>" by Tim Hornyak


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