SteamScrubber or FlaskScrubber - That is the question...

The most frequently asked question by customers regarding our Glassware Washer line is: “What is the difference between the SteamScrubber and FlaskScrubber?” It is a fair question – our two most popular models do look almost identical at first glance.

The SteamScrubber & FlaskScrubber BOTH offer:

  • Stainless steel paneling
  • 7 pre-programmed wash cycles
  • 2 user customizable wash cycles
  • Dual pumps for regular and purified water
  • 115V and 230V models
  • Optional viewing window
  • 2-year warranty

It’s true that the SteamScrubber and FlaskScrubber are each loaded with great features and high quality construction. But there is a key difference; after all they do have different names.

So what is the key difference? The answer lies in the water delivery system each utilizes.

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SteamScrubber Delivery System

The SteamScrubber operates much like a home dishwasher – water is pumped through a spray arm on the bottom of each rack and from a third spray arm mounted to the top of the washer. The multi-directional spraying arms move as much as 112 gallons per minute throughout the washer chamber, ensuring powerful scrubbing of water to the entire chamber.

Thus, the SteamScrubber is best suited to wash standard laboratory equipment such as beakers, utensils, pans and other normal-shaped items found in the laboratory. Once wash and rinse cycles are complete, items are dried by air forced through the wash arms and a floor-mounted blower.

FlaskScrubber Delivery System

The FlaskScrubber moves water through individual spindles, allowing for water to spray directly into narrow neck glassware. The spindles in the FlaskScrubber – there are 36 on the Lower Spindle Rack and 30 on the Upper Spindle Rack – simplify the cleaning difficult items like volumetric flasks and Erlenmeyer flasks.

Additionally, the FlaskScrubber also utilizes the rack mounted and roof mounted spray arms found in the SteamScrubber washer. After wash and rinse cycles, air is forced through each spindle, in addition to the spray arms, for fast drying of tough-to-dry glassware.

So what washer should you choose? Ask these two simple questions:

  1. Will we be washing general items like beakers and utensils?
  2. Will we be washing narrow neck glassware with a difficult to clean interior?

If the answer to Question 1 is “yes”, then the most suitable washer is Labconco’s SteamScrubber washer.

If your answer to Question 2 is “yes”, then you will greatly benefit from the direct injection cleaning and drying of Labconco’s FlaskScrubber

If you answered “yes” to both questions - never fear!

You can take advantage of the FlaskScrubber’s injection cleaning while simultaneously washing regular glassware items. Simply remove spindles from the FlaskScrubber’s Spindle Rack, plug the spindle openings (with the included nylon plugs) and place your standard glassware onto the rack using one of Labconco’s many rack accessories.

Some of you may be thinking “But wait! I already own a SteamScrubber. Can’t I use it to wash narrow-neck glassware, or do I have to buy an entirely new washer?” Fortunately, a SteamScrubber can be converted to wash narrow-necked glassware by purchasing an Upper or Lower Spindle Rack. Just be advised that the drying time may be a little slower as the SteamScrubber does not support forced air-drying through spindles.

Please log on to our NEW Glassware Washer Configurator Tool to design your own SteamScrubber or FlaskScrubber for your laboratory. What have you got to lose? It's free.

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