Purifier® Axiom™ Chem-Zone™ airflow explanation

The Axiom's Chem-Zone in Operation: When in Type B mode, the Purifier Axiom Biosafety Cabinet protects the operator and the laboratory from hazardous chemical vapors by directing airflow through the cabinet through dedicated internal ductwork.

The “supply” leg of the cabinet (highlighted blue) is made up of an ECM blower and HEPA filter that provide positive pressure downflow over the work surface. The left and right ends (or wings) of the work surface recirculate air back to the supply blower. Additional inflow air also flows through the inlet grille to the supply blower.

Downflow air directly above the Chem-Zone (center of work surface, highlighted in red), follows a separate duct channel to the exhaust leg of the cabinet (also highlighted in red). No matter its operating mode (A-mode or B-mode) this air is pulled by an Exhaust ECM blower and pushed through an Exhaust HEPA filter. 

This design ensures that when using hazardous chemicals and ducted in B-mode, hazardous vapors will not be recirculated within the cabinet or into the lab.

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