Lab ventilation problems? Ready for a ventilation upgrade?

There are many laboratory ventilation equipment options out there. A “hood” is not just a “hood” anymore. Ventilation equipment is designed around specific applications to maximize safety, comfort and performance while minimizing energy usage. Over 3,000 models of lab ventilation equipment, and 18 separate product lines are produced at Labconco alone.

Having a great number of choices can make decisions difficult; however, instead of settling for something that just works, you can contact Labconco for help finding the product that is best for your needs. We talk to people every day who call to purchase a “hood” but discover there is a ventilation product that they did not know existed which would work better for them and their specific application. Labconco has field representatives throughout the world who are available to answer your laboratory ventilation questions. 

You can even enlist the help of the Scout Ventilation Product Selector on our website to lead you through the product selection process.

Bring us your most challenging laboratory ventilation questions today. No question is too big or too small, and our consultations are free.

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