3 Reasons your fume hood isn't working as it should

Fume Hood alarms alert to unsafe conditions“My Fume Hood Doesn’t Work!”

Often times, a fume hood is blamed as the culprit for a fault in the mechanical system, when in reality, the hood is simply a box designed to direct airflow to be contained.

The blower’s role is to move the air, and it is the mechanical system’s role to facilitate that air movement. Careful planning of your fume hood mechanical system ensures a quick and correct set up.

Here's a list of three things to look for so that your next fume hood installation is impeccable:

1. Ceiling Enclosures and Negative Ceiling Pressure

2. The “Ugly Ducting” Layout

3. No-No Fume Hood Placement

Implementing the suggestions at the links above prior to installation will help ensure the fume hood will do its job with little maintenance. If your fume hood is already installed, it’s a good idea to review its location and mechanical system to avoid problems in the future.

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