Random Acts of Kindness Day for your laboratory

Lab vacuum pump and freeze dryer maintenance

Are you looking for an impressive act to do for your lab to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17th? Look no further than your reliable vacuum pumps that run day in and day out supporting a wide range of applications. Nothing is more selfless than cleaning and maintaining a piece of core equipment that is used by so many in the lab. Not only will your pumps thank you with a longer life, your act of kindness just might ignite a spark in your co-workers to perform their own random act of kindness.

For a reminder every year, or as often as you need to change your vacuum pump oil, you can use our automated reminder service.

If you're using a FreeZone Freeze Dryer with Lyo-Works Operating System, your reminders are built right into the software. This video about programming Lyo-Works will show you how to set up your alerts. The video below will start on the time stamp where the instructions begin. 

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