Need personnel protection? Take a look at the Purifier Class I Enclosure

Labconco manufactures a variety of ventilated enclosures that use 99.99% efficient HEPA filtration to provide personnel, environmental and/or product protection.

When considering biosafety cabinets, consider this: Labconco’s Purifier® Class I Biosafety Enclosures offer an economical alternative to Class II laminar flow cabinets when your applications require only personnel protection and not product protection.

With its patented slotted rear-baffle and many performance enhancing features, it protects both you and your laboratory environment. Its internal blower draws air through the front, across the work surface to the rear of the unit and is then subjected to HEPA filtration before recirculating ISO Class 5 air back into the laboratory environment.

Not only will this unit save energy during operation, installation costs will be reduced since there is no need for ductwork (ideal for a modular lab).


The Purifier Class I Biosafety Enclosure protects the user from agents that require Biosafety Levels 1, 2 or 3 (i.e. E. coli, hepatitis B and tuberculosis) and are also suitable for use in quality control, R&D and industrial hygiene labs for applications involving molds, asbestos, allergens, pigments, weighing dry chemicals and screening suspicious mail.

Constructed of epoxy-coated steel and tempered safety glass, the Purifier Class I Biosafety Enclosure also includes a UV lamp that may be used in conjunction with surface decontamination to ensure thorough decontamination.

Exclusive features include an ergonomic air foil with aerodynamic Clean-Sweep airflow openings, side-entry air foils and upper containment sash foil. Available in 2, 3 and 4-foot widths, the Purifier Class I Biosafety Enclosure has an optional airflow monitor to alert you when you are working outside of the set point range.

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