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David Wasescha

Product Manager


Coming from a science-centric family, David Wasescha earned his Microbiology degree from The University of Kansas. Soon after, he began working with Labconco equipment in a pharmacokinetics laboratory. Handling such infectious organisms as Tuberculosis and Hepatitis C, David is thankful for the safety features that Labconco incorporates into their product designs.

So when David says, “The most important developments to laboratory safety equipment in recent years include improved ergonomics and increased safety features,” he knows what he’s talking about. He’s been there. He’s done that. 

He adds that “Working with products that cause fatigue increase the chances for injury by the user. I can say that ergonomic improvements drastically improved my ability to carry out procedures safely.”

David is Dad to a sweet and loveable German Shepherd mix rescued from a junkyard. When not spending time with Brooke, David can be found playing upright bass in local jazz band, Blueprint Jazz, throughout the Kansas City area.

In a different life, David would live on the island of Bonaire and SCUBA dive daily or travel the world. Feeling most at home in new and unfamiliar situations, we’re thankful that David has called Labconco home. If David stays in the Midwest he would love to turn his hobby of woodworking into a full-time job.


The University of Kansas, Microbiology

Product Categories

Balance, Bulk Powder & Equipment Enclosures
Nanotechnology Enclosures
Glove Boxes and Gas Purifiers
Glassware Washers
Water Purification Systems


Great job!

"Thanks, David! You've been a huge help! You answered every question I had without hesitation. Great job!"

James C., New London, NH

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