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Laboratory Animal Research Stations

The PuriCare line of enclosures provides unsurpassed protection and ergonomic benefits for small laboratory animal transfer and bedding disposal operations. These HEPA-filtered enclosures protect the user from exposure to allergens. Large working areas give the user free range of motion.


Products & Model Lines

PuriCare Dual Access Biological Safety Cabinets

 PuriCare™ Dual Access Laminar Flow Cabinet

In addition to the transfer of materials, the cabinet may be used for special cage-changing operations.

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PuriCare Bedding Disposal Stations

 PuriCare Bedding Disposal Stations

These enclosures protect the user from airborne particulates generated during small animal cage bedding disposal.

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PuriCare Open Access Stations

 PuriCare Open Access Stations (transfer stations)

These HEPA-filtered transfer stations provide user and animal protection. Open access on two sides provides ample workspace for one or two operators.

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PuriCare Procedure Stations

 4 foot PuriCare Procedure Station with model 800

These specialized Class II biological safety cabinets provide user, animal and environmental protection during small animal activities.

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PuriCare Vertical Flow Stations

 PuriCare Vertical Flow Station with model

These HEPA-filtered cage changing and animal transfer enclosures protect the user and small animals from airborne particulates.

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PuriCare Dual Access Laminar Flow Cabinet

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Catalog Number: 3860000

  • Built-In Options: None
  • Electrical Standard: U.S. and Canada
  • Light Fixtures: Ultraviolet
  • Nominal Exterior Width: 5' (152 cm)
  • Power Cord & Plug: None. Dedicated 20 amp circuit required
  • Primary Application: Material transfer and cage changing