Architect Binder Icon 2014 75h

Architect Binder

This digital binder has been specially prepared to meet the needs of architects, engineers and facility planners.


Clock Reminder 75h

Filter Reminder

This service will send you reminder emails on a schedule you specify, for as many filters as you need to monitor.


Premier Hood Configurator 75h

Fume Hood System Configurator

NEW! Quickly find the right fume hood and all the components needed to make a complete system.


GWW calculator icon 75h

Glassware Washing Cost Calculator

NEW! Quickly find out if hand washing is costing you more than using a Labconco glassware washer.


GSA logo 75h

GSA Contracts Section

Eligible U.S. Government organizations can benefit from our GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract pricing.


Scout icon 75h

Scout™ Product Selector

Let Scout™ lead you to the right Labconco enclosure for your application.


Sublime at 40 Contest Icon 75h

Sublime at 40: $9000 Freeze Dry birthday prize!

For the best photo or video of the oldest Labconco freeze dryer in your lab!


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XPress Shipping

Labconco XPress speeds delivery of selected products to you. View a list of products which qualify.


Labconco and the "Race for the Cure" for breast cancer

On August 10th, 2014, many Labconco Corporation employees along with their family members and friends will do their part to help battle breast cancer by participating in the 21st annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Kansas City. Participation comes in many forms... 

Mice lead the way again: "Wowing" type 2 diabetes discovery

Here is an exciting article on a new discovery regarding the effects of a growth protein that in normal mice showed no activity. However when researchers gave the protein to mice with Type 2 diabetes...

ABSA responds to CDC anthrax, H5N1 news

A recent press release from ABSA (the American Biological Safety Association) is a detailed direct response to the safety oversights at the CDC which have been making the rounds in the news lately...

Nanoparticle exposure risks, conflicting assessments

There have been several studies conducted on the safety of nanoparticles yielding conflicting results. The latest study using "Body on a Chip" technology reports evidence that...

Zero Pressure Weathercap for vertical exhaust protection

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