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Architect Binder

This digital binder has been specially prepared to meet the needs of architects, engineers and facility planners.


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Chemical Assessment

We'll determine if a filtered, ductless enclosure is right for your application and give you a Chemical Assessment Report.


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Get Free Pipettes with ScrubAir

Claim your KIMAX® pipettes worth $145* and a $15 Amazon Gift Card for your ScrubAir Pipette Washer/Dryer!


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Custom Designs

Not finding what you're looking for? Labconco designs and builds custom lab equipment.


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Fume Hood Configurator

Quickly find the right fume hood and all the components needed to make a complete system.


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Glassware Washing Calculator

Quickly find out if hand washing is costing you more than using a Labconco glassware washer.


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GSA Contracts Section

Eligible U.S. Government organizations can benefit from our GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract pricing.


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Scout™ Lab Equipment Selector

Let Scout lead you to the right laboratory hood or evaporation equipment for your application.


Labconco offices closed Memorial Day

Labconco offices will be closed on Monday, May 28th in honor of the Memorial Day holiday.

Power up your brain for perfect freeze dry results

Lyophilizing can be like performing a magic trick; the more you practice, the better the outcome...

Reminisce with us: 90 years of science and innovation

You’ll have to forgive us for waxing nostalgic. There is just so much history to reminisce about as we celebrate our 90th year...

Time for a New Type of Biosafety Cabinet? – The Axiom

Labconco Corporation will soon go into production of a new type of Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) – the Purifier© AxiomTM. Because of the design and operational differences, Labconco has submitted an Issue Statement to NSF requesting the creation of a new Type designation – the Type C1...

Zero Net Energy (ZNE) lab uses filtered fume hoods

Because filter technology has evolved over the years, a larger variety of applications can be performed safely in a filtered hood...

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