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We'll determine if a filtered, ductless enclosure is right for your application and give you a Chemical Assessment Report.


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Get Free Pipettes with ScrubAir

Claim your KIMAX® pipettes worth $145* and a $15 Amazon Gift Card for your ScrubAir Pipette Washer/Dryer!


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Custom Designs

Not finding what you're looking for? Labconco designs and builds custom lab equipment.


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Filter Reminder

Get 10% off filter orders, receive reminder emails that you schedule for as many filters as you need to monitor.


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Fume Hood Configurator

Quickly find the right fume hood and all the components needed to make a complete system.


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Glassware Washing Calculator

Quickly find out if hand washing is costing you more than using a Labconco glassware washer.


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GSA Contracts Section

Eligible U.S. Government organizations can benefit from our GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract pricing.


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Scout™ Lab Equipment Selector

Let Scout lead you to the right laboratory hood or evaporation equipment for your application.


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FREE WaterProfile Test Kit

Get a WaterProfile report and a purification system recommendation based on your water sample.


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Lab Design Projects

Whether you’re renovating an existing laboratory or starting from the ground up, we want to help.


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More Than a Business

Because we are a small company, we consider each other to be family...


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Plant a Fume Hood Forest

For every Protector® Echo™ your laboratory invests in, Labconco will plant an entire grove of trees!


Video: Have a safe, fun Independence Day!

Labconco's offices will be closed on July 4 in observance of Independence Day. We will be open for business on Monday, July 7. We hope you do all of your experimenting this holiday outside of the lab, and that you use your lab safety knowledge when handling celebratory explosives!

Application Note: Safe Chemical Handling in the Purifier Axiom

When tested to the long-held standard of chemical safety for fume hoods, the Purifier Axiom Class II BSC, in operation, exhibits the highest level of containment measureable; rivaling the protection provided by existing Class II, Type B BSCs...

CA fuming problems solved: New CApture BT offers greater control & feedback

When Labconco set out to develop a new bench-top CA fuming system, we worked closely with forensic scientists to ensure that we addressed and eliminated several frustrations they face during the fuming process....

Food testing: Is that label trustworthy?

Thank goodness we have scientists like Vaughn Bryant and Robert Grass who are working hard to develop methods to test food for its authenticity...

Cost Comparison: Budgeting for a Filtered Fume Hood

Oftentimes the decisions for new laboratory equipment are based on budgeting rather than just the needs and features of equipment. The initial costs can potentially prevent lab managers from getting the exact equipment they would like or updating equipment when they should...

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