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Remote Blowers & Exhausters

Labconco blowers are designed and manufactured to give superior performance and long life when subjected to chemical atmospheres. They are offered in sizes that can handle airflow as low as 250 CFM to sizes that can handle airflow as high as 3500 CFM.

In addition to our traditional belt-driven blowers, we also offer energy saving Intelli-Sense Multi-Speed Blowers. Intelli-Sense Multi-Speed Blowers are weatherized, direct drive blowers controlled by a two or three position switch. Each blower has a reliable electronically commutated motor (ECM), which consumes one third less energy and is easier and less expensive to maintain than beltdrive motors.

If you need help in sizing the blower to fit your exhaust requirements or choosing the appropriate blower for your application, please contact Labconco Customer Service.

Products & Model Lines

Coated Steel Blowers

 Coated Steel Blowers

These remote blowers are designed to meet the demanding day-to-day ventilation requirements for a wide range of hood choices.

23 items

Fiberglass Blowers

 Fiberglass Blower

These remote blowers are ideal for fume hood exhaust systems in moderate to highly corrosive conditions.

26 items

PVC Blowers

 PVC Blowers

These remote blowers provide optimum chemical resistance and are made specifically to handle high order oxidizers such as perchloric acid. 

7 items

FilterMate Portable Exhausters

 FilterMate Portable Exhausters

An accessory for a number of enclosures, these exhausters return carbon-filtered and/or HEPA-filtered air to the laboratory.

10 items

Phenolic-coated Remote Blowers

 Remote Blower

These phenolic-coated remote blowers are for use with XPert Balance Enclosures, Protector XVS Ventilation Stations, Purifier HEPA Filtered Enclosures, Protector Work Stations or Protector Demonstration Hoods.

4 items