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Large Flask Holder

  • Weight: 1.0 lbs
  • Weight metric: 0.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 3.45" w x 3.45" d x 5" h

Flask Holder helps to prevent sample melt back. It allows a small Fast-Freeze Flask Bottom containing the sample to be placed inside a larger Fast-Freeze Flask so that the vacuum surrounding the sample insulates it from the room atmosphere. Compatible with inner flasks 7542300 (120 ml), 7542400 (150 ml) and 7542600 (300 ml) and outer flasks 7541100 (750 ml) and 7541000 (1200 ml). Stainless steel. Flasks not included.


Freeze drying a cupcake: "Sublime at 40"

We freeze dried a cupcake in a Labconco FreeZone to celebrate the 40th birthday of Labconco Freeze Dryers. Come lyophilize with us!

Labconco Fast-Freeze Flask Adapters

Brief video detailing the installation of an adapter on a Labconco Fast-Freeze flask, as well as showing how tapered adapters can be reversed to accommodate both 1/2" and 3/4" flask tops.

Labconco Freeze Dry History Trailer

40 years in 40 seconds: This short video trailer is compiled from highlights of the 5 minute history video wherein Executive Emeritus John McConnell describes the 40 year history of the Labconco Freeze Dryer from its development in 1972, to the first products in 1974, up to today (filmed in 2014).

User's Manuals

Filter Paper Installation Guide

Step-by-step instructions on how to install filter paper into Fast-Freeze flasks.
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