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USP <800> Compliant: RXPert™ Filtered Balance Systems

David Wasescha 500By David Wasescha, Product Manager
On Friday, January 01, 2016
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USP 800 Compliant

The United States Pharmacopeia's new chapter, USP <800> details new regulations that increase safety for the compounding of non-sterile hazardous drugs. According to the USP <800> guidelines, hazardous drugs intended for non-sterile compounding should only be handled in an enclosure that protects personnel by safely containing powders generated during preparation. 

Two options for venting the exhaust from non-sterile compounding enclosures are permitted by USP <800>:

  • Option 1: The enclosure must be HEPA filtered and vented externally.
  • Option 2: The enclosure must be double HEPA filtered before returning exhaust to the room.

The RXPert Double HEPA Filtered Balance System allows exhaust air from the unit to be safely returned directly into the room, saving costly infrastructure redesign.

RXPert Double HEPA Filtered Balance Enclosures

RXPert Double HEPA Filtered Balance Enclosure

Features a space-saving design, constructed of a static-dissipative powder-coated aluminum frame, steel rear plenum and baffle, and tempered safety glass. True bag-in/bag-out HEPA filter disposal system allows for safe filter replacement. Each HEPA filter can be 100% independently scanned for easy leak detection.

  • HEPA Filtered Enclosure for non-sterile compounding
  • USP <800> compliant
  • Double (Redundant), 100% scannable HEPA filters
  • Bag-in/bag-out HEPA filter protects user during filter changes

RXPert Filtered Balance Enclosures provide user protection by keeping powders and particulates contained during hazardous drug manipulation. Double Filtered models feature two HEPA filters to provide redundant HEPA filtration in series and therefore require no ductwork.

Built-in analog airflow monitor included. Available in various widths, ranging from 2' to 6'. Some models available with deeper work surface or extended interior height.  

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