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No-No Fume Hood Placement

Beth Mettlach 2014By Beth Mankameyer, Sales Engineer
On Thursday, September 04, 2014
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Placing the fume hood in an area free from disruption is key to containment. Many times people do not realize that disruptive cross-flow air can defeat the goal of the laminar flow air pattern within the fume hood, and essentially foil containment.

Any quick movement or cross-draft may send a sweeping breeze through the fume hood and into the breathing zone. Placing fume hoods near hallways, doorways, operable windows, a supply or make-up air source, or a heavy foot-traffic area can place the user in harm’s way.

SYMPTOM: Air flow monitor going into alarm intermittently, chemical smells (due to hood not containing)

SOLUTION: Move fume hood to a different location with minimal foot traffic and cross-drafts


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