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Ductwork and Blower Accessories

Fume hoods and other ventilated enclosures require exhausting to the outside. Labconco offers a full line of ductwork, filter packs and transition pieces to complete your exhaust system.

Products & Model Lines

5" to 6" Adapter

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Catalog Number: 3927400

  • Applicable Products: FilterMate Portable Exhausters, XPert Filtered Balance Stations, XPert & RXPert Filtered Balance Systems
  • Duct Connection Diameters: 5" x 6"
  • Enclosure Width: 2', 3', 4'

Dual Exhaust Adapter

 Dual Exhaust Adapter

Catalog Number: 6987000

  • Application: Allows two hoods to be mounted back to back

FilterMate Thimble Connection

 FilterMate Thimble Connection

Catalog Number: 3913600

Price: $460.00

  • Applicable Products: FilterMate Portable Exhausters

Flanged Inlet Adaptor

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Catalog Number: 7056500

Price: $137.00

  • Duct Nominal Diameter: 10"

Manual Exhaust Damper, Power-Coated Steel

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Catalog Number: 3924000

Price: $37.50

  • Enclosure Width: 2', 3', 4'


 90_ Elbow

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Wash Rings

 Wash Ring Photo

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