Large Scale Biosafety for Laboratory Automation


Logic Vue Class II Enclosures

This video demonstrates the unique features of the Logic Vue that maintain a safe laboratory environment when using cell sorters, liquid handlers and other laboratory automation. Spacious interior, smart design, intelligent controls. See why the Logic Vue is right for your application. 


Unique features of Logic Vue Class II Enclosure make automating life science safe 

Answering the call of researchers, the Logic Vue Large Class II Enclosure combines familiar safety features of biosafety cabinets with a large interior space, plus convenient and intelligent features to support biohazardous work that involves large instruments.    

Press Release: 65% Larger Class II Enclosure Uniquely Designed for Lab Instrumentation 

The new Logic Vue Class II Enclosure is designed to increase the safety and convenience of large benchtop equipment such as liquid handlers and cell sorters. Its spacious interior provides 42” of height and 31” of useable depth.