Designed for Sustainability


How I-S Fume Hoods Save Energy

This animation shows how the Protector I-S works with a laboratory air supply’s pressure differential switch* to save energy. When the sash is lowered, blower speed is automatically reduced to conserve the room's tempered air. 

* Maintaining room pressurization control is required and not provided by Labconco. Failure may compromise containment.

Sustainable laboratory planning

The EPA concludes that if laboratories across the United States reduce their energy demand by 30%, they would save as much energy as 840,000 households consume. These tools provide excellent options for improving the safety and comfort in your lab while minimizing the cost to operate. 

Introducing I-S Fume Hoods

I-S Fume Hoods, providing the exceptional high-performance fume hoods Labconco is known for, now with Automatic Position Exhaust. 

Fume hood energy usage

Ultimately, most lab planners want the best possible user protection while seeking efficient energy use for lab sustainability. High performance fume hoods are a key ingredient for achieving those goals.