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Beth Mankameyer

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If you get the chance to know Beth, you’ll eventually hear her say “science is magic” because, as she explains it, “science gives us the power to do awe-inspiring things, such as create beautiful fireworks or save a person’s life through medical treatment.” She says that science is fascinating because “there are incredibly diverse facets, from the chemists involved in finding alternate energy sources to those just trying to find the right shade of red for a cosmetic. Science makes life exciting and interesting.”

Beth learned about the magic of science at a tender age, when life taught her a hard lesson in chemistry. “One time long ago,” Beth relates, “I tried baking cookies from scratch. I pulled the cookies out of the oven expecting greatness! Instead, I saw half the cookies were a liquid mess, and the other half were burnt.  My mother told me to go over the list of ingredients again to see if I had left something out.  I had forgotten the flour, of all things! (You know… the main ingredient.)”

While she may not consider herself a natural when it comes to baking, Beth does appreciate the many lessons she has learned in life. She says that much of what has formed her personality were lessons that her parents didn’t even realize they were teaching. “My dad is a mechanical engineer, so I grew up thinking that everyone’s dad was a Mr. Fix-It,” Beth explains. “He re-aligned my car frame after I got in a car wreck; he fixed my washing machine when a switch broke; he made a ‘seat heater’ for his car that didn’t have one built-in. My dad did everything!” Her interest in engineering obviously came to her through the family tree.

“While the solutions my dad created might not have always been the greatest looking contraptions, they always got the job done,” Beth says. “After I learned that not everyone grew up with the experience I did, I realized how lucky I was. If something broke, my dad would do some research and fix the problem on his own if he could. It gave me the work ethic and curiosity I have today—I like to pull things apart and figure out how to solve a problem.”

Before coming to us at Labconco, Beth worked for a company that manufactured HVAC products, so manipulating airflow has been her line for quite some time. “It’s a nice progression,” she says, “having dealt with manufacturing, airflow, ductwork and the like before.”

Hopefully, Beth’s story has given you something to laugh about, because she guarantees that “the secret to success in life and work is definitely laughter! It keeps you healthy, it keeps you sane, and it brings people together.

“Nobody ever says, ‘I hate laughing,’” says Beth…

“Unless they just had an appendectomy and rip their stitches.”


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