Adam Keithley

Director of Channel Management

Adam Keithley. Director of Channel Management


Being part of Labconco’s team as we develop and innovate is something that Adam truly enjoys, but in his opinion, the real groundbreaking is done by the researchers who use our equipment. “It has been amazing to watch the growth in technology, automation, improved accuracy and precision just in the time I've been working in the industry,” he says. “Laboratory medicine and the researchers and techs who occupy the benches are true heroes when it comes to clinical diagnostics and groundbreaking research.”

Adam sings high praises of the workers at the benches, but if the field of science hadn’t captured him, he may be doling out praises elsewhere; he says he would likely be a film critic, if he weren’t a Marketing Manager at Labconco. Aside from enjoying thrilling movies, Adam also loves the thrill of paintball sports. Plotting ballistic trajectories and factoring the likelihood of tactical success keeps his scientific gears spinning.

The world of science has always been a natural home to Adam. He nurtured his love for science throughout high school and college; “Science and math just made sense to me,” he reports, “as opposed to diagramming sentences in tenth grade English.” As a result, Adam’s college evenings were spent in the laboratory, and he “became fascinated with microbiology and that microscopic living world.” He soon learned about the opportunities available to well-trained medical technologists.

Adam continued to learn and to expand his qualifications, switching from medical school to the School of Health Related Professions at MU. He passed the ASCP board exam right out of college and has real field experience as a microbiologist under his belt.


Board Certified Medical Technologist - American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)


University of Missouri - Columbia, Bachelor of Health Sciences - Medical Technology