Volumetric Digestion Tubes, 250 ml (pkg. of 5)


  • Applicable Products: Rapid Digestors


  • Weight: 3.0 lbs
  • Weight metric: 1.4 kg

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Price: $297.00

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Designed for uniform wall thickness and impact strength. Made of borosilicate glass with heavy duty retention lip and contoured bottom for optimum heat transfer and minimal thermal shock. Tubes have an easy-to-read calibration mark for accurate dilutions and a built-in constriction for maximum refluxing and digestion speed.

Rapid Digestor Accessories include Fume Removal Systems and Digestion Tubes.


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Classical and Rapid Kjeldahl, Fat and Crude Fiber Apparatus Catalog

Provides specifications and dimensional data on our Classical Kjeldahl units, Micro and Rapid Digestors, RapidStills I and II, Goldfisch Fat Extractors and Crude Fiber Apparatus.

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