PuriCare Dual Sided Biosafety Cabinets

In addition to the transfer of materials, the cabinet may be used for special cage-changing operations.

The PuriCare Dual Sided Biosafety Cabinet is designed for permanent installation through an opening in the wall between a vivarium “clean” room and “dirty” room that is exposed to dust and other particles present in the lab environment. Labconco tests confirm that the cabinet meets national standards established for personnel and product protection for Class II biological safety cabinets.

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4' Puricare Dual Access Biological Safety Cabinet 230V
PuriCare™ Dual Access Laminar Flow Cabinet

Catalog # 3230021

  • Region: International
  • Built-In Options: None
  • Light Fixtures: Ultraviolet
  • Nominal Exterior Width: 4' (122 cm)
  • Power Cord & Plug: None. Dedicated 20 amp circuit required
  • Primary Application: Material transfer and cage changing


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PuriCare Laboratory Animal Research Stations Catalog

Contains an overview, features and benefits, ordering information, accessory information and dimensional drawings for PuriCare Open Access Stations, Vertical Flow Stations, Dual Access Laminar Flow Cabinets, Procedure Stations and Bedding Disposal Stations.

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User's Manuals

PuriCare Dual Sided Biosafety Cabinets User's Manual

For catalog numbers: 3230000, 3230020, 3230001, 3230021 and 386000021151

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