FreeZone 12 Liter Freeze Dry System with PTFE and Purge Valve, Schuko


  • Product Category: Freeze Dryers


  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 278.0 lbs
  • Estimated Shipping Weight metric: 126.0 kg
  • Dimensions: 32.2" w x 28.0" d x 36.3" h
  • Dimensions metric: 81.8 x 71.1 x 92.2 cm
  • Electrical: 230V, 50 Hz, 9A

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Price: $19,760.00
Sale Price: $9,880.00

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FreeZone 12 Liter Console Freeze Dry System with PTFE-coated collector and purge valve. Purge valve isolates the vacuum pump from the freeze dry system. 208/230V, 50 Hz, Schuko plug and receptacle. Collector holds 12 liters of ice before defrosting. Collector cools to -50° C (-58° F). New unit. Discontinued style.

Serial Number: 170238975


FreeZone 12 Liter Console Freeze Dry System is designed for moderate aqueous sample loads. This model is not for use with samples containing acetonitrile. Removes a maximum of 8 liters of water in 24 hours.* Includes brushed stainless steel and powder-coated steel exterior; stainless steel collector and coil; LCD that displays system operating parameters, set-up parameters and alarm messages (choice of temperature in °C and ° F, choice of vacuum in mBar, Pa and Torr); 1 hp CFC-free refrigeration system; red alarm light; LED vacuum and temperature wave graphs; patented moisture sensor; vacuum control/break valve; rear-mounted RS-232 port; automatic start-up switch for collector cool-down and vacuum pull-down with manual override switches; hot gas defrost and switch; retractable collector drain line; 3" diameter port for connection of drying accessory; power switch; rear-mounted electrical receptacle for vacuum pump connection (pump not included); 3/4" OD vacuum connection; 3/4" ID vacuum hose; and two clamps.

* Freeze drying rate will be lower for samples other than shell-frozen plain water. For optimum performance, room temperature should be 21° C (70° F) or colder.

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