Blower Transition Adapters


  • Applicable Products: Remote Blowers


  • Weight: 3.0 lbs
  • Weight metric: 1.4 kg

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Price: $605.00

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Epoxy-coated steel transition adapter fits all Labconco Coated Steel Blowers. The adapter allow you to connect round thermoplastic duct to the rectangular exhaust side of the blower to create an exhaust stack. Nominal size PVC duct fits inside the adapter opening.

Webinar on Managing Lab Air with Chemical Fume Hoods

For many laboratories, managing air quality through engineered controls is essential for worker safety and comfort. However, with numerous options available for fume extraction and air purification, deciding on an engineered solution that best suits your lab’s current and future needs is not always straightforward. 


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Labconco Blower and Accessories Catalog

Provides features, benefits, ordering information, dimensional data and accessory information for Coated Steel, Fiberglass and PVC blowers. This is Labconco literature code 2-77.

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