6' Protector ClassMate Laboratory Hood


  • Product Subcategory: Educational
  • Nominal Width: 6'
  • Sash Movement Direction: Combination (Vertical & Horizontal)
  • Region: U.S. and Canada, International
  • Blower Requirements: Remote blower required
  • Conformance: ANSI Z9.5, ASHRAE 110, ASTM E84, CAN/CSA C22.2, CFR 29, NFPA 45, SEFA 1, SEFA 8 (Cabinet Surface Finish), UL 1805, UL 61010
  • Lighting: LED
  • Service Fixtures: 2
  • Style: Benchtop


  • Weight: 610.0 lbs
  • Weight metric: 276.7 kg
  • Dimensions: 72.0" w x 32.7" d x 59.0" h
  • Dimensions metric: 182.9 x 81.9 x 149.9 cm
  • Electrical: 208-230V, 50/60 Hz, 5A

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The patented Protector ClassMate Laboratory Hood is designed to meet the needs of instructional laboratories. Clear back and sides and taller front viewing window provide enhanced visibility for conducting chemistry demonstrations or observing students using the hood. The clear back also does not obstruct visibility when hoods are placed back-to-back in an island configuration.

Fully-featured with baffle and air foil, this high-performance by-pass hood maintains safe airflow while conserving energy. The Protector ClassMate Hood is benchtop design and offered in 4', 5', and 6' widths. Models with combination style sashes are also available.

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    Don't be like Scooter! Learn how to safely and responsibly use your laboratory fume hood!

  • Fume Hoods Overview 2013


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Laboratory Fume Hoods & Enclosures Catalog

This catalog contains ordering information and dimensional data on Protector ClassMate Laboratory Hoods, Basic Laboratory Hoods, Fiberglass 30 Laboratory Hoods, Protector XVS Ventilation Stations, Protector Demonstration Hoods, FilterMate Portable Exhausters and Canopy Hoods. The catalog also provides ordering information on work surfaces and accessories for these ventilation products. This is Labconco literature code 2-88.

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User's Manuals

Protector ClassMate Laboratory Hoods Manual (2017-present)

User's manual for 1604041xx Series, 1605041xx Series, 1606041xx Series, 1604042xx Series, 1605042xx Series, 1606042xx Series, 1604051xx Series, 1605051xx Series, and 1606051xx Series Protector ClassMate Laboratory Fume Hoods

View PDF (3.1 MB)

Protector ClassMate Laboratory Hoods Manual (pre-2017)

For catalog series: 69704, 69705, 69706, 69714, 69715, 69716

View PDF (3.3 MB)

Wiring Diagram for 4', 5' and 6' Protector ClassMate Laboratory Hoods

For Protector ClassMate Laboratory Hoods for 115 volt, 60 Hz operation. Part number is 6982300, Rev.-.

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