Universidad Iberoamericana Plaza

Universidad Iberoamericana

Mexico City, DF |
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  • Universidad Iberoamericana Plaza

    The exterior on the grounds of Universidad Iberoamericana. The curved facade carves out a natural park area between buildings. The roof line is a clean curve with no prominent roof-mounted ventilation equipment, viewed from below.

  • Fume hood in multipurpose laboratory - Universidad Iberoamericana

    This exposed brick wall highlights the contrast between classic brickwork and scientific innovation. Steel bench surfaces support an array of benchtop instruments and equpment.

  • Scientist raising fume hood sash - Universidad Iberoamericana
  • Pair of fume hoods and bench - Universidad Iberoamericana
  • First floor lab with fume hood - Universidad Iberoamericana
  • Airo Filtered Fume Hood - Universidad Iberoamericana

School of Chemistry

Labconco worked with Equipar, a partner in Mexico, on a project for the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, Mexico to replace outdated laboratory equipment in their School of Chemistry. This university is recognized as one of the top private higher education institutions offering undergraduate, graduate and technical degrees in Mexico and Latin America. 


Installation: Sep, 2021

Filtered Fume Hoods: A Simple Solution for Complex LabsThe Protector Echo proves itselfEcho and Airo Filtered Fume Hoods


Three years of planning culminated in bringing the latest ventilation technology to the teaching labs at the School of Chemistry. We were able to replace outdated lab safety equipment and provide the school with high efficiency Premier Fume Hoods and Echo Filtered Fume Hoods. Initial cost and funding were a challenge for this project. Although Labconco equipment was higher than other bids, the university selected Labconco equipment because they wanted the best in the industry.


The newly updated teaching lab will help IBERO with its mission to offer students a unique educational experience dedicated to real-world learning through cutting-edge technology. After several delays, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we successfully completed the installation in November 2021, and the university reinstated on-site classes the following year. Labconco’s reputation for having the best customer and technical support in the industry along with Equipar’s commitment to excellence and their presence in the scientific market for over 60 years helped to secure this project.

The success of this project will be used as a benchmark for future projects in the region.