Eurofins Sign in Winter

Food Integrity & Innovation Facility

Madison, WI |
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  • Eurofins Sign in Winter

    The Eurofins Facility is an inviting space

  • Eurofins Building in Winter

    Welcome to the Eurofins Food Integrity Science Lab

  • Eurofins Food Lab

    Portions of the facility are equipped with lighting that's designed to emit no UV, to protect UV-sensitive samples.

  • Eurofins Panorama of 0UV Light Lab

    White light can be seen inside of three fume hoods with standard interior lights illuminated.

  • Eurofins Food Testing - 16' Wide Fume Hood with double horizontal rising sashes.

    Note that there is no mullion between the sashes of the 16' long XL Fume Hood. A continuous work surface allows for uninterrupted manipulation of samples through a series of processes within a protected area.

  • Eurofins - Protector XL Floor-Mounted Fume Hoods

    Protector XL Floor-Mounted Fume Hoods provide space for large containers of hazardous materials.

  • Eurofins - Large Protector XL Fume Hood
  • Eurofins - XL Fume Hood put to good use
  • Eurofins - Isolated XL Fume Hood with extra cord and cable ports
  • Eurofins - Detail of iris pass-through ports


When Eurofins built this new facility, they identified a need for a uniform hood selection that would work well for a diverse set of analytical processes. And for this building, energy efficiency was key. They needed fume hoods with a variety of rare characteristics for a broad range of applications. 

In this lab, food science technicians perform solvent extractions, steambath applications, handle heated samples, and perform various chemical methodologies related to food nutrient and contaminant analysis. To accommodate these applications, the new facility includes 72 fume hoods, including some that are sixteen feet wide with two independently-operating rising sashes, and floor-mounted fume hoods large enough to hold 55 gallon drums, carboys or other oversized containers. 


There were several challenges presented by Eurofins that required unique customizations. They needed a solution for a "leak-free" six-iris-port solvent transfer hood, for bulk solvent transfer. They had a special requirement for another hood with a stainless steel work surface for a sterile work environment, and they needed an isolated hazardous materials area, with very large ventilated hoods. Other processes required room for extra-long equipment. 

Installation: Jun, 2020

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Labconco’s engineering team custom designed several specialty enclosures for the project. We created a custom four foot XL with three iris ports on each side as a solution for their transfer station requirement. 

Labconco also provided two custom EP-rated (explosion proof) Protector XL Floor-Mounted Fume Hoods. For these hoods all electrical wiring, switches and receptacles were removed to accommodate the EP environment. 

Labconco’s team worked hand in hand with Eurofins and their lab architects to develop a trusting and meaningful relationship, through countless hours of design and strategy, dozens of custom drawings, and hundreds of messages. The result is this amazing laboratory space that boasts a total of 72 purpose-built fume hoods. 


Eurofins Associate Director of Laboratory Facilities Brent Rozema said of the project, “In the end, we have a fleet of 72 fume hoods that look fantastic, support a bunch of different processes, and are energy efficient.” Labconco also helped Brent with a proof process to show that purchasing new hoods was more cost-effective than relocating older ones from a previous facility. “Labconco was committed to helping Eurofins find the most appropriate hood for each application,” he said.